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Vert Lavande campsite welcomes you in a calm and relaxing atmosphere...

Campingsite rules

General Conditions

Article 1. Admission and Stay Conditions

Anyone wishing to settle or stay in the campsite must have obtained authorization from the campsite manager. No one can establish their domicile there. The campsite is open to any natural or legal person of French or foreign nationality. Legal entities are responsible for the vacationers staying at the campsite on their behalf. Minors will only be admitted if accompanied by an adult. Staying at the campsite necessarily implies acceptance of the clauses of this regulation and a commitment to comply with them.

Article 2. Police Formalities
Anyone wishing to settle or stay in the campsite must first present their identity document to the campsite manager. In accordance with Articles R814-1 to R814-3 of the Code of Entry and Stay of Foreigners and the Right of Asylum, any foreign national renting tourist accommodation must complete an individual police form containing the following information: name and first name, date and place of birth, nationality, usual residence, mobile phone number and email address, date of arrival at the campsite and planned departure date.

Article 3. Installation
 The tent, caravan, motorhome and related equipment must be installed in the location indicated in accordance with the instructions given by the campsite manager.

Article 4. Reception Desk
 The reception desk is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week. Vacationers will find at the reception desk information concerning the services of the campsite, supplies, the tourist attractions of the surrounding area, and various addresses that may be useful. A special box for complaints is made available to customers. Complaints will only be taken into account if they are signed, dated, and specify the reasons for the complaint.

Article 5. Display
This internal regulation is displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception desk. It is given to each customer who requests it. The prices of the various services are communicated to customers under the conditions set by order of the minister in charge of consumer affairs and are available at the reception desk.

Article 6. Departure Procedures
Customers are requested to inform the reception desk of their departure on the eve of their departure. Customers who intend to leave before the reception desk opens must pay for their stay the day before.

Article 7. Noise and Silence
Customers are requested to avoid all noise and discussions that could disturb their neighbors. Silence must be total between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Sound devices must be adjusted accordingly. Door and trunk closures must be as discreet as possible. The authorized pet must never be left free. It must not under any circumstances be left at the campsite, even if locked up, in the absence of the owner.

Article 8. Visitors
After being authorized by the manager, visitors may be admitted to the campsite under the responsibility of the vacationers receiving them. As the visitor has access to the services and/or facilities of the campsite, a fee must be paid to the campsite for each visitor over 2 years old and with a presence exceeding 2 hours. This fee is set according to the current rate and is posted at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception desk. Visitors' cars are not allowed inside the campsite and must be parked outside. The visitor's pet is not allowed on the campsite.

Article 9. Circulation and Parking of Vehicles
Inside the campsite, vehicles must drive at a speed limited to 10 km/h. Traffic is allowed from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Only vehicles belonging to clients staying there may circulate within the campsite. Parking is strictly prohibited on sites usually occupied by accommodations and camping shelters.
Allowed is one vehicle per pitch or accommodation. Parking should not obstruct traffic or prevent the installation of new vacationers.

Article 10. Maintenance and appearance of the facilities
 Each client is required to refrain from any action that could harm the cleanliness, hygiene, and appearance of the campsite and its facilities, including sanitary facilities. Consequently:

  • It is forbidden to pour wastewater on the ground or in the gutters;
  • Campers must empty wastewater in the designated facilities;
  • Household waste, all types of waste, and papers must be deposited in the garbage bins;
  • Washing is strictly prohibited outside the designated areas;
  • Laundry can be hung up until 10 am near the accommodations, provided that it is discreet and does not disturb the neighbors. It must never be done from the trees;
  • Plantations and floral decorations must be respected. Campers are not allowed to plant nails in trees, cut branches, or plant anything;
  • It is not allowed to mark the location of an installation by personal means or to dig the ground;
  • Any repair of damage caused to vegetation, fences, the terrain, or the campsite's facilities will be the responsibility of the perpetrator;
  • The pitch used during the stay must be left in the same condition as the camper found it upon arrival.

Article 11. Safety
Open fires (wood, coal, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Stoves must be kept in good working order and not used in dangerous conditions. In case of fire, the client must immediately notify the campsite management. Fire extinguishers are available for use if necessary. A first-aid kit is available at the reception desk.
Gas bottles
 Clients are reminded that the quantitative limit of gas bottles is:

  • In tents: 2 gas bottles of maximum 3 kg;
  • In caravans, mobile homes, and leisure residences: 2 gas bottles of maximum 13 kg.

The campsite has a general obligation to monitor the campsite. The camper is responsible for their own installation and must report the presence of any suspicious person to the management. Clients are invited to take the usual precautions to safeguard their equipment.

Article 12. Games
No violent or disruptive games can be organized near the facilities. Children must always be under the supervision of their parents.

Article 13. Dead storage
No unoccupied equipment can be left on the premises without the agreement of the management and only in the designated area. A fee, the amount of which will be posted at the reception desk, will be due for this service.

Article 14. Infraction au règlement intérieur
In the event that a client disturbs the stay of other users and/or does not comply with the provisions of these internal rules, the manager or representative of the campsite may, orally or in writing, if necessary, order the client to cease the disturbances. In the event of serious and/or repeated violations of the internal rules and after being ordered by the manager to comply, the latter may terminate the contract. In the event of a criminal offense, the manager may call upon law enforcement agencies.

Special Conditions

Article 1. Installation
Entry to the campsite is subject to the presentation of an identity document. Clients can only install themselves on the pitches after registering.

Article 2. Pets
The campsite accepts the presence of one small pet only. If the pet is a dog, it must not belong to the 1st and 2nd category as defined by the legislation in force on the day of the reservation. The pet remains under the responsibility of the client during the stay. The pet is accepted subject to having an up-to-date vaccination record, being kept on a leash, and taken outside the campsite for its hygiene walk. Droppings must be picked up by its owner. The pet cannot be left alone on the pitch or in the accommodations under any circumstances. The client is informed that the manager or representative of the campsite reserves the right to refuse access to the campsite to the pet concerned if the holidaymaker does not comply with the obligations of this article. Pets are not allowed inside the campsite's communal facilities.

Article 3. Insurance
The client must take out all necessary insurance to cover in particular the risks of theft, fire, water damage, liability, and third-party claims.

Version 02/2023

Campsite map

Your rental accomodation

Cabins, caravans, tents, mobile homes... choose what you like, there is something for everyone!

Your pitch

 For tents, caravans, and motorhomes, choose the perfect pitch!

Tourism & Activities

 Mountain biking, hiking, gliding, karting, horseback riding, swimming, tennis, pétanque, standing stones...

Rates 2024

LOW SEASON: from 13/04 to 12/07 and from 24/08 to 30/09.
HIGH SEASON: from 13/07 to 23/08

Services & Practical information to prepare your stay

On-site at the campsite

  • Snack bar and rotisserie
  • Sanitaire PMR  Disabled-accessible restroom
  • Dog-friendly bar
  •  Convenience store
  •  Playground and library area with a brand new play area for children from 2 to 12 years old, ping-pong table...
  • Tourist information
  • Massage with Denise PITRUZELLO
    Direct booking HERE

To know +

To make your stay easier

  • Free and unlimited WiFi at the reception and terrace
  • Loan of games and books
  • Pets are allowed for free on pitches, but NOT in accommodations.
  • FREE baby kit (folding bed + changing mat + high chair + bathtub)
  • Cooler rental
  • Disposable sheet sales
  •  Accepted payment methods:
    - Cash
    - Credit card
    - Chèques vacances (Classic)
    - Bank transfer

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In the village, 5 minutes away by foot

  • Municipal swimming pool (open on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays in June, and 7/7 days in July and August)
  • Bakery
  • Post office
  • ATM
  • Supermarket
  • Tourist Office
  • Children's entertainment in the village*.

 *Conditions apply: the day-care center accepts our young campers for a full or half day upon reservation, for a fee, and for foreigners under the condition that they have individual accident insurance.

Registration & rates

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